A Replica is a realistic video model of a human created using the Phoenix Model. The Phoenix model is a fully-synthetic 3D based model that generates realistic replica videos from just a script, complete with natural face (lip, cheek, nose, chin) movements and expressions synchronized with your script and generated voice. Developed by our team, the model uses a novel approach that bypasses traditional methods and constructs dynamic, three-dimensional facial scenes using neural radiance fields (NeRFs).

Replicas are created using just 2 minutes of training data, and are designed to learn how someone speaks and sounds, how they look, and how they move their face while speaking. Using a Replica you can generate hyper-realistic videos that look and sound just like you- from just text, in up to 30 languages.

It’s important to provide a high-quality input video in order to get great outputs from a Replica. Your Replica will attempt to mimic your gestures and movements, as well as your accent, even if you generate a video in a different language.

Here’s an example of an output from one of our Stock Replicas:

Stock Replicas

  • High-quality, diverse selection
  • Available immediately
  • Can be used for majority of use-cases

Developers on all plans can access our stock Replicas, offering a quick start option for content creation.

Personal Replicas

  • High-quality clone of voice and face of person
  • Train once, and re-use endlessly without having to record again

Personal Replicas allow you to train a new Replica of a human using the Phoenix model, from just 2 minutes of training data. Personal Replicas take between 9-12 hours to train. You can only train Replicas using training data that has a verbal consent statement. Personal Replicas go through Voice and Face ID checks to ensure consent is present.

Developers on the Hobbyist, Business, and Enterprise plans can create Personal Replicas. If you want to try making your own, you can do so through the Developer Portal or via the API.